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about speed fanatix

Speed Fanatix Inc. was established in 2005 as a dedicated engine installer for Cobra replica cars. We offer a variety of different engine packages based on performance and price. All the engines we offer come supplied with a builder’s warranty and have been dynoed to verify horsepower and complete initial testing prior to installation.

We offer a complete service from engine installation, wheel alignment, road testing and a final Pre-Delivery inspection. Our engine offerings include both Ford and Chevrolet and range from base motors to full custom options.


classic engines

Providing a muscle car feel with a classic look and a sound, these engine options will suit your needs. All built to run on premium gas and the motors come with manufacturers warranties.

Roush 427IR.JPG

Fuel injected

Classic looks combined with modern fuel injection systems gives you the best of both worlds, a modern classic! 

Roush SC 620HP.JPG

Custom engines

When you can not find what you need in our standard packages, we can also do custom install options depending on your needs.

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